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Our Story

The Original Frozen Yogurt

That reignited the category – made fresh daily in stores with real milk and real yogurt.

Pinkberry® started in January 2005 with a little store in Los Angeles, California. Inspired by European gelato, frozen yogurt history, America’s ice cream pastime and pop culture, the tart and frozen dessert has a groupie-like following that grew and became a phenomenon.

People were soon driving across town and standing in line for over an hour to get their fix of “the taste that launched 1,000 parking tickets.”

Unwavering Quality

In late 2015, Kayla Foods Int’l (Barbados) Inc. and some of its subsidiaries, acquired Pinkberry® International and Canada. Kayla Foods is committed to continue its mission for global expansion and to embrace Pinkberry®’s passion of uncompromising quality across our entire experience.

Pinkberry® creates distinctive frozen yogurt products by selecting and combining fresh ingredients so they taste as good as they are for you.  That’s why our yogurt is made with real milk and real yogurt served with hand cut fresh fruit daily.

We are dedicated to outstanding service that add a bright spot in people’s day.

We design inspiring environments for the community to share in a fun experience.

Welcome to Pinkberry®