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Why Pinkberry®?

Why Pinkberry®?

Be a Part of Pinkberry®

Pinkberry® started in Los Angeles, California and has enjoyed unprecedented global growth to over 250 stores worldwide. Contact us to discuss great opportunities still available throughout Canada and International.

An uncompromising commitment to taste and quality

An uncompromising commitment to taste and quality

A history of unprecedented growth

A history of unprecedented growth

Programs designed to support your success

Programs designed to support your success

Flexible store formats

Flexible store formats

Uncompromising Quality

We believe in continuously raising the bar on the quality of our products and everything we do.

Emotional Connections

We believe in fostering meaningful connections between our team, our customers and our communities.

Team Member Excellence

We believe in innovative ways to attract, train and retain outstanding Team Members – people are our future and strongest asset.

Profitable and Responsible Growth

We believe in growth and profit as the engine to achieve our dreams.

Customer Delight

We understand our guests and we serve with humility and gratitude.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We believe everyone should act with a sense of urgency and have the courage to take calculated risks, solve problems and innovate.

Let’s Get Started

Our Franchising Process is Simple and Straightforward

Step 1

Review our requirements to join our team.

Step 2

Complete our inquiry form.

Step 3

Submit and we will contact you.

What Are the Next Steps?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Pinkberry® Franchise! Select the appropriate inquiry form below to get started. Please click below to request for more information.

Fresh Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Pinkberry® is strategically poised for expansion and continues to seek long-term relationships with qualified Area Developers and/or Master Franchisees

All Area Developers and/or Master Franchisees are trained by dedicated operations, marketing, and development support team members, who they can reach out to for all operating and training matters.  All approved prospects undergo immersion into the brand, design, construction, operations and real estate aspects of the business, upon signing of agreement. Leading up to opening of first store, there will be comprehensive training for all key positions and then field trainers will travel to the respective markets, to assist in opening the store.

Pinkberry® offers our Area Developers and/or Master Franchisees a comprehensive training program—40 hours of hands-on training at a certified training store and 3 days of classroom training at Pinkberry® World Headquarters, in Toronto, Canada. Combined, the Pinkberry® training program is designed to prepare our Area Developers and/or Master Franchisees to train, lead and inspire their teams to successfully deliver on our Pinkberry® commitment to distinctive products and outstanding service. During the new store opening process, the Pinkberry® Operations Team continues the training support, working closely with our Developers to prepare stores and store teams for successful openings that set the course for amazing ongoing daily operations.

USD $45,000.00, plus applicable taxes if any, which is not refundable under any circumstances.

Pinkberry® Royalty Fee is 6% of gross sales.  The National Marketing fee in Canada is 3% of gross sales and local advertising requirement is 2% of gross sales.  Applicable taxes are additional, if applicable.  For countries outside Canada, local advertising requirement is 3% of gross sales.

The cost may vary depending on size, location, equipment configuration, construction costs and other factors.  Generally the cost ranges from USD $150,000 to $500,000, which includes franchise fee and working capital allowance.

We provide training, support and guidance through the process, however the Area Developer and/or Master Franchisee takes primary responsibility to source real estate.

In order to receive a copy, please complete the online Area Developer and/or Master Franchisee Inquiry Form.  This is the first step of our journey together.  Once we have received and reviewed your completed application, we will respond to you with our criteria, or have a representative contact you directly.  We will then send out our FDD to qualified candidates.

The term is generally 10 years with a 10 year renewal as long as licensee is in good standing and other conditions are satisfied.

It all starts when you complete the online inquiry form.  Once we have received your completed application, we will help you through the following process:

A Pinkberry® representative will consider your initial application based on your previous retail operations or leadership experience, your financial capability and your passion for Pinkberry®.

Based on your qualifications and interest, we may set up an exploratory telephone call for us to learn more about each other.