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Pinkberry® Food Service Program

Pinkberry®, the original brand that reinvented frozen yogurt, is excited to introduce a product placement food service concept with no franchise fees. licensing fees or royalties. Pinkberry®’s product positioning is designed support Operator Segments offering a globally recognized. quality product to increase our guest visits and revenue.  Pinkberry®’s target Operator Segments include:



Corporate Cafes
Health Care

Movie Theatres

Leader In The Frozen Yogurt Category

Our unique selection of flavors are the perfect balance of tart and sweet, resulting in a light and refreshing taste that is truly craveable. Pinkberry® takes pride in offering the better for you options for your health-conscious customers. Pinkberry®’s dedication to uncompromising quality has garnered great appeal across the globe – many have imitated, but no one has duplicated. Our customers can taste the difference.

  • Handcrafted proprietary yogurts made with real nonfat milk and nonfat yogurt
  • More than 10M live and active cultures per gram
  • Seal of approval from the National Yogurt Association
  • High-quality and Kosher ingredients

How It Works

The Pinkberry® foodservice program is a fun easy way to add a new revenue stream to your business and attract customers with a product they know and love.

1. Rent, Buy or Brand Your Existing*  Ice Cream Machine Equipment.

2. Display Pinkberry® Branded Marketing Materials To Attract Customers.

3. Enjoy Additional Revenue From Your Self-Serve Pinkberry® Frozen Yogurt Program.

Benefits And Performance

With Pinkberry’s branded premium frozen yogurt, you can justify a price premium for quality. Pinkberry has a strong presence in the category and consumers of all ages recognize the brand.

  • Premium and recognized branded concept
  • Serve a unique brand to increase customer base
  • Light, refreshing, high-quality frozen yogurt
  • Variety of flavours and access to seasonal flavours
  • Customized program to fit your business need
  • Proprietary flavours

Marketing And Dedicated Support

Pinkberry® Foodservice offers a great recognizable and globally known brand. Pinkberry® offers clean, attractive point of sale and merchandising to create a well-branded environment within your concept.

  • Pinkberry Logo Usage
  • Flavor Signage
  • Point of Sale Design
  • Dedicated Brand Design
  • Strong Social Media Presence

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